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Giveaways Explained

What is a giveaway?

A giveaway is a free resource you give to your audience to drive growth.
Here's an example:

Typically, people use Typefully or Tweet Hunter to execute on them (i.e. auto send the DMs on X/Twitter). For LinkedIn, you typically just put the link in the comments section somewhere since you can't really auto dm everyone.

This is where our product comes in. Instead of sending the link to a google doc, you can share our link to collect email addresses and then give them access to the resource (a pdf, a link, a google doc, etc)


Design Your Giveaway Page.

Create A beautiful giveaway page in seconds. You don't even need to drag and drop stuff.

Collect email addresses with ease and either link to an external doc or upload a file for users to download after they enter their email.


Share Your Giveaway URL

Users will land on your giveaway page and enter their email address to download or view the resource.


Measure Results

Get stats on views, clicks, and conversions. See how your giveaway is performing and make adjustments as needed.

You can download a CSV of all the emails collected and use them in your email marketing.


Start for free. Your free account allows for unlimited giveaways and 100 actions.

Giveaway is Loading

1 action = 1 email collected or 1 item downloaded.


Grow your audience with giveaways.


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